Wednesday, February 28, 2018

DIY support rings for Samyang 135 lens

To eliminate tilt in my lens i came up with this idea as i couldn't find a suitable tripod collar for my  Samyang lens. This is very robust and stable design for my ioptron sky guider. If the lens is not supported with a collar it will compress the flange in DSLR body and suffer from elongated stars in the image.

For regular daytime photography it probably wouldn't matter much but there are a few aberrations when using it in Astrophotography.  Samyang 135 lens is so heavy that it causes the star images to distort at certain angles. This is the best way to support the lens so it does not have pressure on the optics.

Samyang 135mm lens doesn't come with a tripod ring, couldn't find a suitable aftermarket ring for it, so i decided to make my own. I used a 15mm Aluminum flats for rings, they are machined, milled and finally cut.

Here are the pictures……...


Final Result


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