Tuesday, October 13, 2015

CNC MM phonostage

Finally i completed my CNC phono stage build for moving magnet type carts. I must thank my friends Sachin, Raghu, Omishra & Sreekanth for their great assistance in building this beautifully sounding phonostage.This is inexpensive to build, Phonostage has two DIP switches for adjusting load impedance and set capacitance at 18k,33k,47k and 62 k. Performance is better than most of the budget phono preamps.The CNC is running on specially designed power supply unit designed by Omishra.
I am using LME49990 op amp, cartridge loading resistance is 62K. In comparison to Technics, Pioneer,Yamaha & Sansui, i find CNC "is more everything" bass is adequate, vocals are bit more forward and top end is sweet and musical after 40 hours of burn in. Background is dead silent, no hum or hiss without the record playing.

The face plate has been cut out from an Aluminum rectangular tube, i wanted no screws visible on the front panel. I really enjoyed making this unique cabinet as its a combination of aluminum & wood chassis.. Working with the thin front & back aluminum panel was very difficult particularly the edges, but well worth the effort.

This is indeed a amazing sounding phonostage. Sreekanth did excellent job on wiring.

Honestly, a huge applause to beloved friends Sachin and Raghu,

Project links:

 Batery powered CNC phono stage at Hifivision.com

Another Super High End Phono Stage! No expense spared at Audiokarma.org

Here are some building pictures



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