Sunday, August 18, 2013

LM 3886 chip amplifier project

After several weeks of planning and acquiring components &amp amp parts,i finally got down to constructing a chip amp (gain clone) 50 RMS in to 8 ohms.. The amp uses the National Semiconductor LM3886 chip with printed circuit boards purchased locally. This is a simple chassis using 4 aluminum panels on top , back, bottom and 2 heat sinks on the sides. Front panel is 6mm thick. Amp was completed few months back, helped by my friend Sreekanth, without him i would not have completed this project. It has done about 80 + hours of burnt in, it sounds pretty good, will be upgraded with few more power capacitors for better low's after some time.

                                After powder coating....

                                Sreekanth did great job on wiring...


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